Above all ..... sorry for the mistakes ..... our english is too bad !!!!!

Before beginning we introduce ourselves . . . . . we are Alberto & Daniela and we live in province of Modena, just to Finale Emilia, small and calm city of " the modenese lowland ", famous zone for the numerous gastronomic food like the refined Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. 


Our new gate ...
panels made by our dear friend Del Vecchio Erica
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Here how our adventure is begun.......... 

Our love for Great Danes has relatively far origins; the first subject, a harlequin male named Cirus, arrived in the September of 1989, endured after our wedding. We were to the search of a dog of large size but at the same time balanced and not too much exuberant. It was love from the first moment........ 

The successive year, at this point literally in love of this wonderful Race, we decided to acquire Dasy , harlequin female, than in future it would have become the prototype of our kennel (we obviously we did not know it still. . . . )
With both we began to attend the world of the expos and the satisfactions were not late to arrive. For us it was be a matter of a new and completely particular experience that it gave also the opportunity to us to establish some sincere friendships.

Then, in 1992 after the dead premature of our Cirus and from simple enthusiast (lovers), our first litter : after many vicissitudes, Dasy it came coupled with the black male Nembo Kid Indios Dell'Armida and it born 6 puppies. 
Four of they (Aris, Azim, Amy and Anadyr) soon began to limestone rings Italian and European and they become ours first Champions! 

The successive year we tried again and we chose for Dasy a male Harlequin of German breeding, the great and unforgettable Ch. Nearco Des Pulckerrimi . 
It was a connection without doubt criticized because Nearco represented a model of Great Dane completely different from that one raised in Italy in that period.
Its 95 cm. at withers and more and its 100 Kg. of weight endered it a rough dog to the appearance, but we can guarantee you that the class and the movement were from Number One! 
Its important eleven titles, conquered in all Europe, tried it. 
To the end, our " courage " gave its yields: 10 puppies, 8 harlequins withs exceptional coats, 1 black and 1 merle. 

We remember 3 females above all, the harlequins champions Brenda and Bithia and the black Italian Champion Basie. The first two remained with us and contributed to increase our the unusual and already numerous family. Brenda was introduced in all Europe for its numerous victories (13 Titles obtained in least time!), Bithia was stopped soon because of a ears problem but she was Reproductor Champion, Champion of the Year ' 94 (15 months old) and Jugendsiegerin St. Gallen (CH). 
Still now, at a distance nearly 9 years, we succeed to select harlequins coats of high level and we are sure that good part of the merit is just from attributing to "papÓ" Nearco. 


Now, at a distance of 15 years from the first litter, we have 15 subjects and we must admit that is not always simple : the sacrifices do not lack, the demanded engagement are too much .....
But it is useless, is more strongly than we! 
Once known, Great Dane enters to you in the heart and you cannot more make some less. 

Our engagement for one correct and serious selection is gradually become more intense and concrete; we not only place attention to the morphology understanding like " aesthetic " but also to the health and the character. 
All our Danes, even if in Italy is not obligatory, are radiographed for the control of the Dysplasia of the Hip and, next, also for that one of the elbow.


For chosen we do not make many puppies/year (our average is of 20), we prefer to have the possibility to follow everyone of they with the maximum attention and in order to make this is necessary truly much time.

The puppies do not leave the kennel before 75-80 days of age (for a best imprinting it's important that the puppy stay with his brothers and his mother some weeks), with at least 2 vaccinations, without intestinal parasites and with the microchip.
All the puppies (also the merle) are sold with a "Buying & Selling contract" to protection of the Buyer but also, and above all, of the dog.


We are to Your complete disposition, therefore if wished to have some information not hesitated to write to us or to telephone to us. 
If instead you have it wants to come to find to us you could to contact (for telephone or email) some day before in order to fix an appointment. 

But attention ...... our is not a traditional kennel !!!!
Our Danes don't live in the box but they are free where they want (give a glance to the garden!!!). Above all they form " a brought together group " and perhaps too much "exuberant". . . . but we like that.
We are of the idea that a Great Dane must " to be lived " in order to appreciate in full load the wonderful character, for this we believe that the box it is decidedly to discarding. 


These are ours results , from 1992 - year of the first litter 
(with the average of 20 puppies/year) 

CHAMPIONS and 233 AWARDS in the world 


22 Italian Champions
11 International Champions
12 Social Champions
10 Club Champions of the Year
13 Reproductor Champions
1 Champion of Monaco
7 Swiss Club Champions
2 Luxemburg Club Champion
4 Luxemburg Champion
2 Luxemburg Young Champion
1 Champion Alsace-Lorena (F)
6 Young Eu.D.D.C Champions.
1 European Promise Genova ' 98
3 Young Luxemburg Club Ch.
1 Champion of COAST RICA
2 Czech Republic Club Champion
3 Motta Trophy
2 Polish Champions
1 Slovenia Champion
8 Interclub Young Champion
4 Interclub Champion
4 Interclub Juniores Champion
2 Interclub Puppy Champion

2 German Clubsieger
1 German Club Young Champion

1 Young Slovakian Champion
1 Slovakian Champion
3 Swiss Champion
1 Saarland Sieger
1 Sieger Baden-Wurttember


1 Jugendsiegerin St. Gallen (CH)
6 Young Promise E.N.C.I.
5 Young S.l.A Promise.
7 Young Ch. of S. Marino
1 Jugendsiegerin Dornbirn (A)
2 Young Ch. French Club
7 Young Ch. Swiss Club
3 Young Social Champions
7 Club Young Champion of the Year
1 Young Austrian Champion

1 Austrian Champion
2 Bundejugendsiegerin Austria
2 Eu.D.D.C. Siegerin
2 Young Austrian Club Champion
3 Austrian Club Champion
1 Young Slovakian Club Champion
1 Young Czech Club Champion
4 Young Spanish Club Champion
1 Spanish Club Champion
3 Polish Young Champion
1 Jugendsiegerin Bayern-Monaco
2 Russia Young Champion
2 Russia Champion
2 Clubsieger KYDD
1 Spain Champion
2 Slovenia Club Champion
1 Young Slovenia Club Champion
3 Hungarian Club Ch.
3 Hungarian Champions
1 Young Hungarian Club Ch.
1 Young Hungarian Champion

2 Mozart Trophy Winner
1 Trofeo Coppa EMILIA 2010



  We won for the 11° consecutive year
from 1999 to 2009
the Kennel Trophy of the Italian Great Danes Club
for the best Harlequin & Black Great Danes in Italy



Although the numerous results obtained with our subjects in all Europe and in therefore little time, we know that our job is only to the beginning...... but this is a challenge that we have accepted 10 years ago and we have intention not to lose it!